Frequently asked questions.

Q: Will BatteryGraph cause my battery to drain more rapidly?

A: Of course running a program will use battery power, but the amount cpu time used by the background daemon is so small it's a neglectable amount and you will not notice any difference in battery life. I tested the amount of cpu and system time the background daemon uses with the command "time". After running for more than one day it has used less than 4 seconds of cpu time:

real     26h 19m 49s
user     0m 2.30s
sys      0m 1.62s

Q: Can I get access to the raw data?

A: The raw data is stored in a sqlite3 database which can be found in "/home/user/.BatteryGraph/BatteryGraphDB.sqlite". You can dump the contents to a textfile in MyDocs with the following command in a terminal

sqlite3 /home/user/.BatteryGraph/BatteryGraphDB.sqlite .dump > /home/user/MyDocs/BG_Data.txt 

Q: The battery percentage never reaches 100%

A: That seems to be normal behaviour for a Nokia N900, see https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7636

Q: I messed up my colors, can I go back to the defaults?

A: Yes, colors (and other settings) are stored in

You can remove the [Colors] section to revert the colors to their default values (or remove the entire file to revert all settings to their defaults).