Main screen

In the main screen you will see the graph. When fullscreen is not enabled you will see various tick boxes on the right side which enables or disables the different elements in the graph. You can toggle the fullscreen option by tapping the graph.

The amount of bars is shown as a "staircase" and has a fixed scale with 8 as maximum and 0 as minimum in the graph.
The percentage, voltage and charge are shown as a line (measured points are connected with straight lines). Voltage and charge are automatically scaled according to minimum and maximum values found in the database.

The cpu load is shown as (small) vertical columns. The maximum scale can be adjusted in de Options menu.
The periods for an active wifi of gprs/edge/3g connection are shown with a different background color in the graph.
The period the device is connected to a charger is shown with a different background color on the x-axis label as well as a vertical bar at the start and end of the period.

You can select a different zoom factor by tapping the + or - buttons. The zoom factor determines the amount of days (24 hour periods) that will fit on one screenwidth. So a value of 1 will show 1 day per screenwidth and a value of 7 will show a whole week per screenwidth.

You can scroll back to historical data by dragging in the graph (kinetic scrolling). The amount of days you can scroll back can be set in the Options menu.


Scrollback history

Here you can set the amount of scrollback history which determines how far you can scroll back in the graph. Settings this to a larger value will cause BatteryGraph to use more memory (larger portion of the database is loaded into memory) and scrolling may get slower. (This settings has no effect on the background daemon or database file size).

Database age limit

This settings determines the maximum age record in the database are allowed to have. Entries older than this limit are removed from the database upon launching BatteryGraph.

CPU load maximum scale

This settings determines maximum value for the cpu load in the graph.

Zoomfactor stepsize

This settings determines the amount the zoomfactor will increment or decrement when you tap the + or - buttons on the main screen.

Draw charging bars

If checked a vertical line will be drawn in the graph at the start and end of a charging session (besides the marking with a different colored background in the x-axis label).

Adjust colors

Here you can change the various colors used in the graph. By tapping the appropiate button you can change the color for the different elements in the graph.