BatteryGraph is a program for monitoring the battery status on a Nokia N900/Maemo 5. The program not only records the amount of bars, percentage, volts and mAh's but also the average CPU load and whether or not a wifi or gprs connection is active and shows the results in a graph.

It is written in C++ using the Qt library (4.5.3) in the 'Scratchbox' development environment. BatteryGraph consists of a 'daemon' running in the background which stores the battery statistics into a SQLite database whenever the values change. The average cpu load is stored every 5 minutes. Connect and disconnect events for a wifi or gprs connection and events for (dis)connecting your device to a charger are also stored in the database. The daemon is automatically started on installation and after a reboot.

BatteryGraph itself uses the data in the database to plot a graph and shows the current values. You can enable or disable the different elements in the graph and can choose different zoomlevels. It's possible to scroll back to view historical data. By tapping the graph you can toggle fullscreen mode.



If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, problems or found a bug, please contact me by sending me an


Version 0.3.0

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